Capital Insurance Group: Behind the Wheel with Fleet Auto Insurance

Fleet auto insurance provides coverage for business autos you own in addition to personal, non-owned, or hired autos used for your business. This means that the policy will protect you and your business when an employee drives his or her personally owned vehicle for company business.

You’ll get protection when someone gets hurt if you or an employee causes an accident while driving a vehicle owned or used by your business, and your company is found responsible for any personal injury or property damages caused to others. You can also get collision coverage to protect your business from financial loss if a vehicle you own or rent is damaged in an accident. In addition, comprehensive coverage provides insurance for your business when damage to your vehicles is caused by a variety of risks including fire, lightning, theft, hail and flood.

Minimizing Risks, Reducing Costs

Capital Insurance Group can provide you with a comprehensive fleet auto insurance policy, providing the limits and deductibles you need based on your exposures. Moreover, we also offer strategies to help you minimize your risk and reduce the costs associated with vehicular accidents and injuries including implementing fleet and drivers’ safety programs.

An effective fleet safety program can include the following:

  • Up-to-date written policies and procedures
  • A screening/selection process for drivers
  • Driver training
  • Management of drivers on an ongoing basis to ensure they adhere to fleet safety rules
  • A formalized plan for vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance, which can help in reducing costly, unexpected breakdowns and in avoiding accidents due to faulty equipment

We will secure comprehensive fleet auto insurance and help you design a safety program to protect what is important to your business.

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