Capital Insurance Group: Providing a 360-Degree Workers’ Compensation View

While both mandatory and necessary to protect your firm and your employees when injuries or accidents occur on the job, workers’ compensation insurance represents a significant expenditure for businesses. To reduce these costs, it’s essential to make safety a priority in your operation. Capital Insurance Group can assist you with on-the-job safety in addition to looking at a broad range of factors that affect your workers’ compensation costs and what you’re paying.

Driving Down Workers’ Comp Costs

We’ll conduct a top-down review of key areas to reduce your losses or claims and hence your premiums. This involves interviewing your personnel to determine exactly what business operations are performed and the specific activities of each group of employees. It also involves reviewing all documents, including your current workers’ compensation policy, experience modification worksheet, payroll audits, and loss-sensitive rating adjustments, to see where we can make improvements and where problems or miscalculations may exist.

In addition, along with your key management team, we will help implement procedures to:

  • Investigate accidents right away and vet out fraud
  • Report all claims to the insurance company immediately and monitor the status of those claims
  • Set safety performance goals with supervisory responsibility
  • Develop and implement a robust safety training program
  • Establish an employee communication program
  • Evaluate claims history
  • And much more

You need an insurance advisor that can not only help secure your workers’ compensation coverage with a strong market, but can also assist you in containing costs and keeping premiums in line. Reach out to Capital today.

We’re your trusted partner.

Our 35-year history of providing superior services and professionalism has established us as a leading agency in Southeast Michigan. Our “Crain’s Detroit Business” listing of “top agencies” is testimony to our commitment to you. We also give back to the communities we serve, contributing 1% of our revenue to a number of local charities. Capital Insurance Group has the experience, expertise and passion to help protect you against the exposures you face individually and professionally. We provide a broad portfolio of personal, business, and employee benefits solutions and would like the opportunity to show you how we can make difference in the way you see insurance. Give us a call at (248) 333-2500 to discuss your specific needs.