Attention Wholesalers: Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Attention Wholesalers: Improving Warehouse EfficiencyThe wholesale industry is a complex one, and it is not without its challenges. From hiring and training processes to workers’ compensation claims, wholesalers are subjected to a lot of potential exposures. With that said, a critical part of risk management is ensuring operations run smoothly, reducing the chances of injury, loss of inventory, and miscommunication. Therefore, in addition to securing your operation with a comprehensive MI Wholesale Insurance policy, heed the following advice for improving your warehouse’s efficiency.

First and foremost, clean the place out. This way, mystery inventory such as: returned goods, damaged goods and special buyouts won’t have any place to hide. Beyond the ability to move more quickly in the facility, your team will begin to develop a greater sense of pride in their workplace. Remember, this is the place where all your cash is stored, says iCepts. Therefore, outside representatives, truck drivers, and the like should be monitored closely in the warehouse to prevent theft.

Next, implement the right signage. Not only will this help reduce trips and accidents, it will increase productivity as new hires will understand how to quickly navigate the warehouse and improve efficiency.

Lastly, start cycle counting. According to the article, cycle counting will increase the accuracy in your systems.  By examining the inventory daily, you will find those mystery items that have found their way to the shelves. Further, you can rotate stock, replace items that were stored incorrectly, and it can solve any problems that you might face when working to get the loads out through distributors.

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