What Should Employers Know About Background Checks?

What Should Employers Know About Background ChecksWhen hiring new employees, it is important that you take time to look into the background of a potential new hire. After all, a good employee is an investment into your company. While you want to make sure that you have a great Human Resources Consulting Service, you make the final decision on which candidate you are going to hire.

Background checks include not only criminal history but also things like prior employment and education verification. It is up to you when doing a background check to give every applicant a fair opportunity to obtain the position. There are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure a fair hiring process

  • Qualifications First- Before you even think about doing a criminal background check, you should figure out if a candidate is qualified for the position. Ask about training, previous employment skill sets, and education that may be pertinent to the position in question.
  • Reliable Sources- Rather than going with a low cost for a background check consider going through a qualified Consumer Reporting Agency. These agencies know the laws and know what convictions are relevant to the position. Allow a potential employee the opportunity to challenge a CRA report before making a decision
  • Relevance is Key- Know what convictions are relevant to the position and only search for those in a background check. You want to know if a potential driver has a DUI or if a CFO was embezzling money. You should also put a time limit on the relevance of convictions. Generally if a conviction is more than 7 years old, the risk of repeating the offence is minor.
  • Rehabilitation- People can change, mature, and become better employees. Offer a chance for someone with a blemish on their background check to prove that they have turned things around. For example, if a potential driver had a DUI 5 years ago but can show that he has been going to AA and been clean and sober since, they may end up being a better employee due to the desire to not let you down once you’ve given them a chance.
  • Hiring Process- Managers and HR employees in charge of hiring and running background checks should know the laws and be able to determine what is and is not relevant. Those that can make informed and accurate assessments of potential employees should make all hiring decisions.

While ultimately you want to hire the best candidate for the job, ou must make it clear that your company is committed to equal opportunity and fair hiring for all qualified applicants.

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