Michigan Boat Insurance: What You Need to Know About ESD

Michigan Boat Insurance What You Need to Know About ESDMichigan Boat Insurance: What you need to Know about ESD

The deadly phenomenon, alternatively referred to as electric shock drowning (ESD) is as you can presume, fatal. According to Mike Tellaria of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), at least eight deaths were attributed to faulty boat and dockside wiring in 2012. Furthermore, this count may not authentically illustrate its true dangers; a number of drowning-related deaths may have been caused by an ESD derivative.

In communities where boating is a culture, swimming docks serve multiple purposes. The docks are more than just piles of cedar and galvanized steel, they are adorned with vibrant twinkle lights and shore power.  Consequently, this opens the door to potential in-water electrocution scenarios.

There a number of influential factors, such as; amount of electricity in the water, freshwater purity, the size, gender and orientation of the victim, and the distance from the power source. In sum, ESD is caused by two elements:

(1)    An electrical fault (e.g. malfunctioning appliance, short circuit) is present and consequently disrupts the AC electricity’s intended path.  The AC electricity is then forced to choose an alternative path, water.

(2)    This causes a dangerous patch in the water that radiate out from a boat’s underwater metals.

Fortunately, the ABYC enacted shore-power standards in 2010; requiring an equipment leakage circuit interrupter to be installed on new boats. But we can assume that all boat owners will not abide by this standard. So, it’s important that all Michigan owners take their own protective measures. This can include installing a galvanic isolator, a reverse polarity indicator, and a isolation transformer.

Nothing beats a clear, sunny day on the water with your own boat surrounded by your family and friends. At the same time, nothing brings a cloud to your day faster than an unforeseen accident. Events like that can give rise to high medical expenses, boat repairs, even litigation. But we’ve got you covered.

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