Michigan Manufacturers Insurance: Wet Weather Stalls Production

Michigan Manufacturers Insurance: Wet Weather Stalls Production Michigan Manufacturers Insurance Wet Weather Stalls Production

Auto manufacturers have reported that record-setting rainfall in the Detroit area  slowed vehicle production and closed some facilities. General Motors closed its Tech Center in Warren due to flood damage incurred by the amassing rainfall.  While the flooding reportedly caused only minor damages and inconvenience, the 19,000 engineers, designers and others who work at the facility were asked to  stay home while facilities are cleaned and the water was removed. GM claims that production was no affected at the other facilities; however Chrysler Group and Ford Motor did report complications at their plants as well.

Four Chrysler Group plants in the Detroit and surrounding areas suffered flooding as well this week, resulting in delayed shipments, employee absences and stalled production. The auto maker stopped production at one plant for roughly two days early this week, and progress was slowed at three others.  Ford also slowed production at four of its suburban plants in Dearborn, Wayne and Sterling Heights. The company reported that plants in Chicago and Louisville, Kentucky, were also impacted because of flooding at their Michigan-based suppliers.

Flooding can be a huge problem for Michigan manufactures. Not only can products and specialty equipment become damaged, but business as usual can be interrupted, as vividly displayed this week. Recovering for a flood can take anywhere from a few hours to months to recover from, during which time your manufacturing operation could be stalled, halted and otherwise inconvenienced which ultimately resulted in lost revenue and resources.

There are many ways Michigan Manufacturers can help protect their operations for the vast effects of flooding, but the most essential precaution is establishing a comprehensive business insurance portfolio that will help protect all your business assets. At Capital Insurance Agency we understand the manufacturing industry faces a complex array of risk exposures. Our Michigan Manufacturers Insurance plans are designed specifically with those risk exposures in mind. We can help secure complete coverage for your business property, equipment, products and employees. Call us today at 888 296 0418 to speak with one of our Michigan Manufacturers Insurance specialists and secure the coverage you need.