Oakland County Health Insurance: Winter Employee Health Tips

Oakland County Health Insurance: Winter Employee Health Tips

Oakland County Health Insurance Keeping Employees Happy In WinterThe harsh winter weather this season has likely not helped with morale, neither personally or professionally. In a business setting, a decreased sense of morale among employees can hurt the bottom line. In addition to taking care of your employees physically with a Oakland County Health Insurance policy, you should also look at how you can contribute to your employees’ mental health and overall well being this winter.

Increase awareness of health concerns
Whether it is the flu season or an office cold going around the office, make sure that your employees are aware of the diseases going around and encourage proactive solutions. One option would be to provide vitamin C boosts to employee snacks or drinks. Stock the kitchen with orange juice boxes if a cold is going around, or provide a list of Vitamin-C rich foods. encouraging employees to include them in their lunches or snacks.

Encourage employees to get up often
Communicating with your employees about the benefits of health awareness is good. Following through and reinforcing them is another. Consider leading by example and let employees know that standing up and walking around the office from time to time is not only good for them but highly encouraged. Keep a running tally in the office to provide incentive to get moving and reward those that compete with coffee drink gift cards or other minor gifts.

Provide employees with the proper tools
Being productive at work is a lot easier when you have all the right tools to work with. Would you ask a cook to bake a pot roast without an oven? Probably not. If that printer is on its’ last legs, it is probably time to replace it as fumbling around with the machine reduces productivity as well as morale. Making sure that your employees have all the right tools to accomplish their jobs can boost productivity and keep focus where it needs to be.

Keeping employees actively engaged during the winter season is always a challenge. But it is a worthwhile challenge as encouraging a healthier office can impact your business. At Capital Insurance, we know how invaluable it is that your employees stay happy and healthy. This is why we strive to give your employees the best Oakland County MI Health Insurance coverage we can at the best rates, as part of our Oakland County Employee Benefits package. Contact us at 888-296-0418 for more information.