Pontiac Contractors Insurance: New Residential Construction Initiative

Pontiac Contractors Insurance: New Residential Construction Initiative Pontiac Contractors Insurance 2014 Residential Construction Initiative

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) has teamed up with the Homebuilders Association of Michigan this summer in an effort to bring awareness to some of the most common safety hazards contractors face in the industry. The two organizations launched the Residential Construction Initiative to assist employers in protecting their laborers from the most common worksite hazards that result in accidents and incidents affecting thousands of workers a year. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor, the annual incident rate increased significantly over the last few years. Statistics indicate that the 2011 average 2.6 workplace incident rate increased to 5.0 for every hundred workers in 2012. The year-long initiative is offering voluntary construction site inspections free of penalty or fees to contractors seeking evaluation to raise awareness about the “Residential Top 5”, or the five most common worksite safety hazards. These safety concerns include falls, scaffolds, ladders, personal protective equipment, and electrical work.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advise contractors on the best ways to operate safely, and avoid complications involving the “Residential Top 5.”

  • Falls: Thousands of workers fall on the job, thus it is imperative that Pontiac contractors employ the best safety precautions to prevent severe injury and employee fatalities. OSHA recommends utilizing body harnesses, rail systems and safety nets to help control the repercussions of an employee misstep. Aerial lift systems and elevated platforms are the recommended means of providing access to high locations, as these methods are generally more stability and working area.
  • Scaffolding: 4,500 injuries and over 50 fatalities a year are attributed to scaffolding accidents. Proper placement and composition are essential to ensure stability and safety of the structures. Scaffolds must hold four times the maximum intended load without shifting or displacement. Furthermore, guardrails, toe guards and mid-rails can help prevent workers from becoming stuck or slipping which could result in a fall.
  • Ladders: Ensuring that all ladders are fully functional, not broken, bent, cracked or otherwise impaired is vital. OSHA recommends strict adherence to load ratings, height restrictions and material capabilities can help protect workers and reduce workers comp claims. Furthermore stability is one of the most important aspects of ladder safety; ensure that ladders are set up properly.
  •  Personal Protective Equipment: Proper personal protection can dramatically decrease the amount of injuries on a worksite. It is vital that workers utilize head protection, gloves, sturdy non-slip shoes, eye guards and hearing-loss prevention safety gear to better protect them.
  • Electrical: Always turn off the power when working on any electrical lines, wires and utilities in order to better prevent electrocution. Ensure that your jobsite has the proper, heavy load extension cords for electric equipment and machinery. The use of multi-plug adapters is a huge risk and safety concern on worksite.

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