5 Simple Home Security Tips When You Are Away

5 Simple Home Security Tips When You Are Away5 Simple Home Security Tips When You Are Away

As summer is winding down, many are going on their last few vacations before the school year starts. If you are leaving your home alone for any extended period of time, make sure to note these tips by Zillow to keep your home safe while you’re gone.

Home Security Tip #1 – Enlist your neighbors. The surest way to avoid vacation anxiety about leaving your house unattended is to arrange for a house-sitter. Particularly if you’re planning to be away for an extended period of time, having someone stay there or check in regularly can help ease your mind. At the least, ask the neighbor to stop in periodically, water the plants, and bring in the mail.

Home Security Tip #2 – Shut off the water. If a pipe leaks or bursts while you’re gone, the resulting damage could be devastating, both to your home and possessions and the cost to repair it. If you can’t shut off the main water valve, at least consider shutting off the valves to the most common sources for water damage, including the dishwasher, ice makers and washing machines.

Home Security Tip #3Collect the mail. Notify the post office to stop mail delivery to your address for the duration of your trip.

Home Security Tip #4Motion Sensor / Timed Lights. Place electronic timers in various rooms, and set them to turn lights on and off periodically.

Home Security Tip #5Pool Protection. If you have a pool, padlock the surrounding gate or install a retractable cover. Remember, you are still responsible for any injuries that may occur on your property even if you are gone.

Home Security Tip #6 – Set the Alarm. If you have an alarm system, make sure it’s turned on and that you’ve told the alarm company the dates you’ll be away.

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