Auto Insurance: 1,001 Car Things to Do Before You Die

Auto Insurance: 1,001 Car Things to Do Before You DieFrom traffic jams and carpools to road trips and lengthy commutes, we spend an endless amount of time in our cars, but how often you actually stop and enjoy it?

The editors at Autoblog created a video series aptly titled “The List: 1,001 Car Things to Do Before You Die.” Two hosts (one with extensive car knowledge and the other your average driver) take you through a all cars bucket list that details everything from scenic cruises to hair raising adventures (ice racing anyone?). It’s a refreshing alternative from your daily traffic grind, and has some great ideas for some fun day excursions or car junkie adventures. Here are a few items from the list, as well as some local suggestions for Michiganders:

Graduate from a high performance driving school. For the adrenaline junkie in your family, the two hosts partake in a high performance driving school. Although there are classes across the country, Aston Martin has created a high performance driving class that takes place on a PDC at Michigan Proving Ground.

Take the scenic route. Autoblog’s list suggests California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Of course, this would entail a cross-country road trip for Michiganders (another great bucket list idea!), but another option closer to home is the Great Lakes Circle Tour. The Tour is a designated, scene road system connecting all of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River that shows off one of Michigan’s greatest scenic treasures.

Visit an Automotive Museum. A slightly tamer auto-bucket list item, Michigan has some of the best auto museums in the world. Check out the Automotive Hall of Fame, or the Gilmore Car Museum with nearly 200 vehicles spanning over 100 years of history.

Whether your automotive bucket list is adrenaline charged or more scenic route style, you and your loved ones need protection out on the road. Get the coverage for your vehicle so you can enjoy the best scenic routes Michigan has to offer. Nobody covers the Bloomfield area (or just about anywhere in Southeast Michigan) for auto insurance like we do at Capital Insurance. We specialize in helping our clients cover personal automobiles against unforeseen damages and injuries.