Michigan Cities Touted as Most Affordable and Best to Raise Family

Michigan Cities Touted as Most Affordable and Best to Raise FamilyMichigan has hit national news lately, for all the right reasons. Several cities have been touted at Most Affordable and Best Cities to Raise a Family, according to Forbes.com.

Grand Rapids earned the distinction of being the best metro area in the country to raise a family. The area doesn’t boast the highest income, but the cost of living is low, and the local school system ranks third in the country.  Local crime rate falls well below the national average, according to Forbes.com. Overall cost of living, median income, school quality, and housing affordability were all factors considered in the results.

Several other Michigan cities also earned the distinction of being the Most Affordable Cities. Detroit, Warren, and Grand Rapids again all topped the national list. Median home prices, cost of living index (including food, utilities, gas and other everyday expenses), median salaries and local unemployment rates were all factors considered in the ranking.

Across both lists, Midwest areas dominated the rankings, where affordable housing is most widely available. Lower house prices coupled with decent salaries and cheaper price tags on goods like groceries and clothing helped catapult Michigan cities to the top of the list.

Other cities that logged spots on the Most Affordable list included Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio, Fort Worth and Houston, TX. Provo, Utah, Boise, Idaho, and Youngstown, Ohio all made the cut as Best Cities to Raise a Family.

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