Facility Tours Increase Michigan Manufacturers Liabilities

Facility Tours Increase Michigan Manufacturers LiabilitiesThe Ford Rouge Factory Tour recently received a $4.7 million upgrade to enhance the visitor’s experience of touring the automaker’s F-150 pickup manufacturing facility. According to spokespeople for Ford, the tour revamp was designed to provide a more comprehensive and immersive experience for visitors. The tour is designed to not only allow visitors to see the physical manufacturing design process, but also provide insight into the research and development of new technologies as well.

For years big Michigan brands, such as Ford Motors, have been inviting visitors, consumers and brand enthusiasts into their manufacturing facilities as not only a form of education and entertainment, but a way to build consumer trust, interest and brand loyalty. Yet for smaller and more niche producers, tours were only given to investors, partners and those interested in the field. However, in recent years there has been a resurged public interest in understanding the manufacturing process on all levels. In some states, communities of inquisitive consumers and manufacturing enthusiasts are seeking out tours of smaller, local operation. Today, manufacturers large and small, of all types, industries and specialty, invite curious visitors into their facilities for both amusement and pleasure. While offering tours of a production facility can be a great way to create a community, generate brand recognition and draw interest in the manufacturing industry, opening your doors to the public can create additional business liability exposures that many Michigan manufacturer insurnace programs are not prepared to undertake.

There are a number of liability and safety concerns which should be considered before deciding whether or not a visitor program would be right for your facility, whether educational, public or privately arranged. For example, should a visitor to your Michigan facility become injured or ill as a result of their visit, your operation could be held liable for their losses. Establishing tours of a manufacturing facility involves navigating a number of regulatory standards and risk exposures, which will vary based on the size and type of facility, goods being produced, and amount of tours or visitors a facility is looking to accommodate. If you are interested in allowing any sort of touring access of your manufacturing facility, it is best to discuss your risk and liability exposures with your Michigan insurance agent before making any final decisions. They will be able to consult with you about the benefits and drawbacks of many new business expansions.

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