New Tech Could Help Reduce Construction Errors

New Tech Could Help Reduce Construction ErrorsTraditionally the building project design phase has been a muddle and complicated process. Much like the childhood game of telephone, there has been a substantial vulnerability of error and miscommunication when information is passed from one contractor or designer to another during the building planning stages. Errors in construction design and planning are a huge loss and liability concern for Michigan contractors and construction professionals, and miscommunication is a common cause. However new technology could help improve workflow and allow for better collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors, thus reducing construction errors along with professional liability and loss exposures.

A recent article in Popular Mechanics discussed the benefits of budding system called Building Information Modeling (BIM). A BIM model essentially works as a 3D file that incorporates all the components that make up a building. Some of the latest versions of this software allow these documents to be accessed and stored on a data-cloud platform, thus enabling multiple people to make and view edits simultaneously. These programs have the ability to be embedded with data, much like a database or spreadsheet, which can be rendered as each design element. This data input can be used to automatically adapt each element of the design. For example should a designer need to adjust a the dimensions of a walls, the software can automatically update other data accordingly, such as recalculating the impact on materials or cost.

When applied to building design and construction, BIM can help promotes informed decision making, strong collaboration, and facilitate more complete visualization of a project and which can have extreme effects on the construction process and lifecycle of a building. It can also take much of the manual redundancies out of calculating project costs, materials management and other functional elements which can lead to mistakes, miscalculations and other excess expenses for contractors.

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