Michigan Business Insurance: Scams of the Season

Michigan Business Insurance Scams of the SeasonMichigan Business Insurance: Scams of the Season

From “free shipping” to “20% off total purchase,” e-commerce sites are flooding the internet with bargains no one can resist. And when the holidays are around the corner and deals only last 24 hours; shoppers are determined to swipe their credit cards before time runs out.

According to an identity fraud study performed by Javelin Strategy and Research, 45% of cyber-attack victims were making online purchases during the time of the attack.

Be cautious and don’t let your business be an identity theft victim. Here are a few of the holiday season’s most popular scams

  • Problem:  Scammers will copy the HTML code from popular sites, such as Target and Walmart. Then they will advertise a large discount. After making your payment, they will steal all your information and you will never receive your merchandise.
    Solution: Check for misspellings and strange URLs. Apply “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.”
  • Problem:  Scammers will advertise and sell fake gift cards on third party sites.
    Solution: Only purchase gift cards at storefronts.
  • Problem: Scammers will either advertise on a classified ad or will respond to your classified ad. They will ask you to wire money via a bank and as result, will steal your identity.
    Solution: Do not reply to anyone asking you to wire money.
  • Problem: Scammers have been creating fake e-mails to implant viruses onto your computer for years. They usually filter to your junk or spam folder.
    Solution: Do not open any e-mails in your spam folder.

At Capital Insurance, our agents are trained Michigan Business Insurance specialists that can help protect you and your business from identity theft. Whatever your need for business insurance in Michigan, call (888) 296-0418 or email us for more information. We look forward to getting you the coverage you need…at a price that you can afford.