Michigan Technology Insurance: The Rise of Online Videos

Michigan Technology Insurance The Rise of Online VideosMichigan Technology Insurance: The Rise of Online Videos

In 1991, Apple Computers released the Macintosh Powerbook to the public and on this very day, 20 years ago, the first text message was sent. Fast forward two decades and you will find society heavily dependent on mobilizing technology.

If you were to take a glance at a household’s television set 5 years ago you would’ve seen the “ABC” channel. However, technology has dramatically evolved and if you were to take a glance at a household’s television in present day America you will probably see Netflix or Youtube streaming.

According to a study taken by Leichtman Research Group, 39% of American households own a television that is connected to the internet. The rapid shift from programming networks to cord-cutting is evident in the 30% increase from 2011.

The purpose of a television set has transitioned into becoming another device that streams content from smartphones, tablets, online Flash video, and television apps. Viewers’ dependency on the World Wide Web has created a revolution—the integration of traditional television and online video. This revolution has impacted the revenue of the advertising industry and the broadcast television industry. Although broadcast television is still a popular medium, trend reports believe that it won’t be long until it becomes a secondary form of media.

The amount of viewers who are cord-cutting has increased due to the competition between the GoogleTV and Apple Air. Modifications and additions to both products are becoming more constant.

Some individuals believe this rise to be beneficial and some believe it to be counterproductive. However, both groups do acknowledge the increase in online videos.

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